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A Life on Purpose


The greatest injustice people inflict on themselves is when they give up what they want for what they want in the moment.

How intentional are you about what you are doing. Are you really doing what you want? Most people I speak to THINK they are being intentional, but I would contend that they are NOT. Do you want proof? When was the last time you said you would do something, and then did not do it? You WANTED to do something, and you did NOT do it. Why?


A) You didn’t really want to (you don’t have a vision)

B) You Forgot , and you’ll remember next time(your vision wasn’t clear enough).

C) Special Occasion, you’ll do it next time (excuse-you break promises to yourself and don’t respect yourself)

D) You didn’t know how (knowledge deficit-you can solve that!)

E) You lost hope or got bored (self-discipline issues-you are immature and unrealistic about what is fair, and how life should be)

Let’s address A and B. Adult change is hard. As someone who gets paid to help others make changes, I should know. As an adult always seeking to improve, I should know. Here are some questions and some “thought stream” to provoke more of a purpose driven life from you.

  • What is your vision for who you want to be? What kind of person? What does that person do? What does that person have?
  • What must you have? What are you passionate to? What to you passionately hate? What are you doing about that? How do you want to serve others?
  • What key initiatives would get you there (physically, spiritually, financially, professionally).
  • What are some ideas you have of how you can get there?
  • Pick a couple of those ideas.
  • COMMIT to these activities. Get accountable. Make a DECLARATION.
  • Put it on a schedule.
  • Track your results-BE HONEST.
  • Figure out roadblocks, and how to make it easier.
  • Track results again.
  • When it works, then rinse and repeat.
  • Develop a process.

If you do this, you will be living on purpose. Perfection isn’t the goal. Progress is. I believe in you are infinitely powerful and that you have a gift in you that needs to be released for the benefit of us all. Don’t let a lack of vision, excuses, and lack of follow through trip you up. BE GREAT! (B >)

Some Affirmations for Purpose:

  • I am on task and on purpose today!
  • I am a servant to my brother.
  • I am full of life and power! I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength!
  • I OWN my day! Because I am a man in LOVE with the things I have chosen to do, I will be a man of rejoicing, not complaining; of energy and strength, not fatigue!
  • I believe in myself because I do the things I say I will do! I am a man of ACTION.
  • I run TO conflicts and problems because I am FEARLESS!

Run to your purpose. Run well!

For those interested in living a life of more purpose, you can be a part of a movement an group that is doing the same. You can participate in our website, or through our closed Facebook group, Go Live On Purpose Community.

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