Design it. Live it. No Excuses


With a million blogs, and a million voices, telling you a million things, why would we do another?  With so much information clutter and so many self-proclaimed experts to tell us what to do and how to do it, how can we make any decisions.  What do we have to add?  Quite simply, nothing.  But perhaps we can stir in others the primal calling that is within all of us- the knowledge that we were made for glory.

Every person was made for a purpose.  Whether you believe in a benevolent God, as we do, or whether you just believe in chance, we are all looking for meaning.  And it is very difficult to find such meaning with life in the box.  We wake up in a box, travel to work in our box, plug things into our box as we sit in our box and talk on another box.  We come home, pull our dinner out of a box, and watch a few hours of a box, before laying down in our soft box so that we may wake again repeat our pattern of life.  We have all of the comfort and none of the wild.  Is this a good trade?

When we live in this pattern, this…program, we don’t think of where we have come from, and perhaps more scary, we do not think of where we are going; or more importantly, we fail to question WHY we are going there.  We just go, without question, like the person who drives to work in the morning, and when they arrive, can barely remember how they got there.

This “Go Live on Purpose” is a personal movement.  It is about finding the “why” and giving effortful endeavor to arrest it.  This is journey is about leaving excuses, and doubt, and fear, and expectations behind.  These are prisons destroyed by one greater, and it is our job to leave every other cage behind.

This will be messy.  As no person comes to maturity without error, we do not anticipate a path covered in rose petals.  But we will embrace the path, with it’s triumphs and it’s victories, it’s beauty and it’s ugliness, as a revealer of who we truly are.  We will share in our sufferings as well as our glory, and hopefully give others the permission to do the same.

It’s about about to get real.  Will you go with us?

-Donnie and Chris Tuttle

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