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The podcast and we were in the NEWS!!!

Hey everyone!

I have been slowly editing and uploading our Let’s Get Personal podcasts.  We will no longer add them as new post but you can click on the Podcast section of the site if you would like to listen.  It will give you a menu tab where you can choose which episode you want to listen to.  You can also go on itunes and search for us there.

After listening we do ask you all to give us a rating and review on itunes so we can be seen by more people in the Society and Culture category.  We decided to place the podcast under this category since there are SO MANY self help podcasts that people probably feel so overwhelmed by what help they need that they leave feeling like “Who the heck am I ?!”  haha!  Then hopefully these same people will be perusing the society and culture section and find us!

Also….we made the news!  The local paper wrote a story about the Go Live on Purpose movement and the Maine Broadcasting radio station also caught wind and wanted to interview us as well.  Whoa!  I think we’re famous!  Haha!  Yeah right…by far!  Not sure why they find us so interesting.  I guess they wonder how a family so big moves every few months on purpose. And why would we want to?

All in all…it was fun!

Here is the link to the paper:

Not sure when the radio interview will be out but he captured about 2hrs of audio and will edit it to fit into a 5 to 10 minute segment.  All I gotta say is that editing job is going to be misery.  I’m curious to hear what he’s going to delete and what it will actually sound like.  We’ll keep you posted.

I think that is it with what I wanted to share.  Again… the podcast will now be found on he podcast page of this website.



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