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Where are we going?

So here we are….gosh…only four months into our travels.  Wow…only 4 months?!  It feels so much longer yet hardly anytime at all.  We have so much more to experience and see.

Life has been good.  We’ve done more things than I can remember ever doing, really.  I can start listing them but would probably forget a lot of the places we’ve been to.  To give a you a general idea: We visited Connecticut, NYC, Boston, New Hampshire – most of these several times.  We lived in Rhode Island and currently in our second home in Maine.

The beach coastal life in Rhode Island was cold but heavenly.  We loved riding bikes to the beach, running on the sand, and sitting on the rocks thinking about this new life we’re living.  Maine has it’s own personality and massive amounts of land to explore. Maine is so incredibly beautiful.  We’ve only scraped the surface and we leave this area in about 1.5 months – September 1st.  Gasp!!  That is just around the corner!!  I’m sure it’s going to be beautiful in the fall and winter.  With it’s winding roads and rolling mountains, I’m sure it would make for a great photo shoot.

In Maine we’ve climbed mountains, hiked trails, swam in waterfalls, jumped off cliffs,spotted moose and much more. Oh and we were featured on the radio and on paper if you didn’t know. The children have had a blast, embracing the amazing nature that surrounds us.  I think we’ve been truly living life more on purpose.

But…I find that we have been very spontaneous.  Orderliness and schedule have been tossed out the window to some extent.  I’ve been that free flowing, nature lovin, sometimes showering kind of momma lately. Ok…minus the hairy armpits. haha!

Life has been good though.  Kids are happy.  I’m happy.  Husband is working hard.  Which brings me to my point.

Donnie is the sole income earner in this household. He works almost everyday and we usually have to work around his schedule so he can join us on our adventures.  He loves his job and what we’re doing.  But there’s always a juggle and balance of home life and work life, plus throw in the fact that we will be moving every 3 months.  This means networking, and selling his service – can be a challenge. I want to make sure that I am there to support him in every which way I can.  We’ve discussed the challenges but we always come back to the truth that we are doing what we’re suppose to be doing at this time of our lives.  We have to look at the bigger picture – bigger purpose of why and for what reason we’re on this journey.

I sometimes wonder “where” we’re going.  Not in a literal sense of the word but in the “purpose of life” sort of way.  I don’t take lightly the desire, passion, and drive to follow a direction or a specific way. I know we’re doing this for our children.  Our family as a whole has a desire to travel the world. I believe this is for the betterment of our family as a whole.




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